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Welcome to Korean Chamber of Commerce Malaysia

Korean Chamber of Commerce (Malaysia) is a non-profit, private sector business association solely devoted to Korea – Malaysia bilateral trade. It comprised of members representing Koreans, Malaysians, and other international companies.
The Chamber exists for the benefit of its members, acting as a networking facility to assist bi-lateral business, providing an efficient replica rolex and friendly service with opportunities to meet with peer groups and representatives from various business sectors.

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KOCHAM Malaysia Brief Introduction


Welcome to KOCHAM (Malaysia), founded in 2009, the Korean Chamber of Commerce Malaysia is a vision to lead Korean business growth in Malaysia. In KOCHAM we foster friendship, promote close and harmonious educational, economic, trade and industrial relations between Malaysia and Korea and promote greater understanding between the private sectors of Malaysia and Korea regarding the economic and trade policies and situations of the respective country.


2022 The First K-Biz Forum Malaysia

Greetings from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korean Chamber of Commerce. COVID-19 news seems less urgent than at any time in the past two years and COVID-19 has gone from being a fresh emergency to a fact of life. As we...

May 8, 2024, 2024 Agenda Meeting at KOCHAM

On May 8th, a meeting was held at the KOCHAM meeting room which brought together KOCHAM, Embassy of the Republic of Korea and KOTRA to discuss the planned agenda for 2024, as well as the necessary collaborative efforts. The meeting proceeded smoothly and productively...

April 23, 2024, MITI Agencies Aidilfitri Reception

On April 23rd, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) hosted a Hari Raya open house celebration aimed at fostering stronger relationships among all invited parties. The event was attended by representatives from MITI, MITI agencies, embassies,...

April 24, 2024, LX International’s Visit to KOCHAM

The foreign branches of Kocham and LX International convened for a business discussion concerning investment prospects in Malaysia. Deliberations encompassed various topics, including investment opportunities and regulatory frameworks. The dialogue yielded fruitful...

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