Kocham Membership Process

Kocham Membership Process

1. Download the membership application form, fill it out and send it to kocham.malaysia@gmail.com.

 Download the corporate membership application

 Download Associate Membership Application

2. You can also apply for membership online through the website (www.kocham.org.my). (Click to sign up for membership)

3. If the application is approved by the Kocham Board of Directors, an invoice related to the membership fee will be issued by Kocham and sent via email.

4. Please send the check to the ‘Korean Chamber of Commerce (Malaysia)’.

5. After payment is complete, please inform Kocham of your remittance information (check deposit slip).

6. A membership fee payment receipt will be issued and sent via email;

7. Kocham webpage member login ID and password are sent by email along with a message congratulating you on membership registration. Please change your initial password after logging in. Only Kocham members are given the right to circulate the bulletin board.

Member Classification

The members of Kocham Malaysia are composed as follows;-

1. Corporate member

  – Extra large company

  – Major company

  – Medium enterprises

2. Associate member