KOCHAM Services


With over growing members from diverse fields of industry, KOCHAM Malaysia facilitates business opportunities for Malaysian and Korean companies by proactively creating networks that enable their commercial interests in Korea.


In KOCHAM (Malaysia), we organize seminars, courses, conventions, conferences at which government officials and prominent business persons and experts in various fields will be invited to address and have a dialogue with members of the Chamber, provide discussion and meeting forum for companies and business operation in trade between Malaysia and Korea, facilitate visits of missions by groups of businessmen, entrepreneurs, industrialists and technical experts, arrange for exchange of technical and general information in trade, investment, tourism, public sector policies, to host intra-regional events and exhibitions which will give recognition to outstanding contributions made by individuals and corporations in the various areas of regional co-operation for the promotion of trade and investment and all other areas relevant to business relations between the private sectors of member countries and enter into fraternal relationship with other appropriate organisations with similar objectives.

“Facilitate visits of missions by groups of businessmen, entrepreneurs, industrialists and technical experts.”


We collect, identify, locate business opportunities, publish and disseminate trade and economic information conducive to the attainment of any of its objects among members of the company and generally to promote commerce and industries in the region.


KOCHAM Malaysia offers a range of options of advertising for members including:

  • Full, half and quarter page, colour advertisements in our quarterly newsletter the “DownUnder Update”
  • Full page, colour advertisements in our annual Membership Directory
  • Email advertisements
  • Website advertisements : banners and news item
  • Special event advertising and/or sponsorship.

General Business Services

If you have general business questions regarding Korea, KOCHAM Malaysia can assist you in finding appropriate assistance via liaison with our Board and our various network.