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KOCHAM Membership
To apply for a membership

1. Download printable copy (Word format) and fax it at (603) 2078-8686 or email the scanned copy(signed) to kocham.malaysia@gmail.com after completion of the form.
   Download Application Form (Associate)
2. Alternatively, you can apply by filling out the Online application form at (www.kocham.org.my)
3. After approval of your application by Kochams board of directors, a pro forma invoice for the relevant membership fee will be sent to your email.
4. Made payable to 'Korean Chamber of Commerce (Malaysia)' for the cheque.
5. Once payment is made, advise your remittance information to us via our fax or email.
6. A receipt of incoming cash(cheque) issued by Kocham will be sent to your email.
7. The welcoming note for joining Kocham together with your login ID & PWD (should be changed by you) for Kocham website will be emailed to you.

Membership Categories
The membership of KOCHAM (MALAYSIA) shall comprise:

1. Corporate Member
  - Conglomerates(S)
  - Conglomerates
  - Medium
  - Small
2. Associate Member


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