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Korean Chamber of Commerce (Malaysia) is an non-profit, private-sector business association solely devoted to Korea - Malaysia bi-lateral trade. It comprised of members representing Koreans, Malaysians, and other international companies.

The Chamber exists for the benefit of its members, acting as a networking facility to assist bi-lateral business, providing an efficient and friendly service with opportunities to meet with peer groups and representatives from varied business sectors.

[코참] 말레이시아 뉴스 Daily Update (2017.12.18)

[코참] 말레이시아 뉴스 Daily Update (2017.12.15)

1. [행사] 김일태 화백 말레이시아 단독전시회 29/11/2017
2. [행사] 한국기업의 CSR활동 책자 전달식 및 CSR 포럼 22/11/2017
3. [행사] IOT MALAYSIA 2017 행사 3/11/2017
4. [행사] W&P, 2018년 말레이시아 국가예산안 하일라이트 및 세무감사 및 조세쟁송(원천징수세(WHT)면제안 추가) 세미나 31/10/2017
5. [행사] 동해안 인프라 견학 및 회원사 CJ BIO 방문 13/10/2017
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