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KOCHAM Malaysia Introduction

Welcome to KOCHAM (Malaysia), founded in 2009, the Korean Chamber of Commerce Malaysia is a vision to lead Korean business growth in Malaysia. in KOCHAM we foster friendship, promote close and harmonious educational, economic, trade and industrial relations between Malaysia and Korea and promote greater understanding between the private sectors of Malaysia and Korea regarding the economic and trade policies and situations of the respective country.

KOCHAM Malaysia Objectives

To serve and facilitate Korean-Malaysian economic cooperation and trade by sharing information and building good will amongst Korean companies and members of the business community in Malaysia, shall promote opinions and benefits of members and consolidate friendship between both countries as the private level by suggesting to and negotiating with companies from both nations on matters related to trade and finance.

KOCHAM Malaysia Mission

The Korean Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia strives to enhance global economic and trade relations built on a strong foundation of Korean and Malaysian partnership. We actively support and promote our member's interests through our global networks in business, politics and KOCHAMs worldwide. KOCHAM Malaysia enables cross-cultural understanding, cooperation and investment through our commitment to transparent dialogue, unrestricted trade and a competitive and open business climate.

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